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Building Pipeline is a business development company designed specifically for the construction industry.  In the contracting world, unmanageable growth is extremely dangerous. Complaints become high, jobs are not properly managed, your company loses money and in the end company owners put their licenses and businesses at risk. Building Pipeline as a construction business development company strongly believes that construction business owners must have a hands on approach to their business in order to succeed in this industry.  They can not properly manage their jobs in the field if they are inundated with bidding jobs, filing the standard mountain of paperwork that comes with every project and managing marketing campaigns. Owners can not run a construction company from an office. They must be in the field ensuring that their projects are being properly managed and are profitable.  


That is where we come in.

Our Services

Estimating Services

 Commercial contracting is a numbers game and the key to building any contracting business is estimating. 

Document Management

With our back office document management, the days of General Contractors losing your submittals might not be over but it will definitely get a lot easier.

Digital Marketing Services

Your online presence will be key to generating visibility and attracting the right traffic. 


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